Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Trashy mama

OMG, this is in truly poor taste, I can't believe my eyes. Can't imagine what these kids will turn out to be when they grow up... But if there's any indication and judging from the younger generation of Japanese men's general demeanor, they'll probably pee with the toilet seat down and wear a
Well, believe it or not, this is a true magazine (Published by INFOREST (Koakuma ageha x NUTS) aimed at a certain demographic here in Japan.

As a comment by "Minami No Teiyou" originally pointed out
Patrick Macias' blog) :

The chronology (see above) is so typical of the typical sexy gyaru's early-twenties timeline:

2004: Partied a lot, had some experimental liaisons with foreigners, worked at some inane job that I got because I'm hot.

2006: Fell in love with some unremarkable J-guy named Daisuke. Started dating.

2007: Got pregnant. Will either marry Daisuke (at which point he'll immediately start seeking out a mistress if he has the money to), or will become a single gyaru-mama and resume pre-Daisuke life.

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