Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pastel Evil

I saw an incredibly beautiful Japanese girl in the train this morning, she had huge boobs and the word on her shirt was, white on green: NAZAREAN

I'm obsessed with
occultism, UFOs, voodoo, sexual excess, witchcraft, sadomasochism, movies, government conspiracies, Lovecraftian horror, numerology, gnostic cosmologies, anarchy, mad science, time travel, superheroes, freemasonry,
and of course, the apocalypse.
Call a doctor.

I feel like a big juicy steak, full of blood and arteries.

As Zaratoustras the prophet sez... Crap never dies.

Her cunt was full of petroleum jelly.
Her name was Annie Spaguettini.

His ass was dripping wet.
They called him Patrick Viet.

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