Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nezha nao hai (1979)

The English title is "Little Nezha" (Nai-ya), it tells the story of an emperor's wife laying an egg instead of giving birth, the emperor outraged, cuts the egg with his sword in anger and his son, Nezha is born from the egg and given special powers from a wise old man (Tai-yee) to battle the 5 evil dragon kings of China.
I recall seeing "Nezha Nao Hai" (Nezha Conquers the Dragon King) in my childhood, but I wasn't actually sure it really existed, for a long time, I believed it might have been a wild fever dream, but I managed to track down the movie and it is as awesome as I remembered.
Produced in 1979 by the Shanghai Animation Film Studio, this movie was, as was mostly the case with most of the Chinese production of that era, based on Chinese Mythology and is as trippy as say, Yellow Submarine, although that probably was unintentional.
If you look for it, you can find the movie on Youtube(it's only 63 minutes long)
but it's in a crappy English dub, so I won't link it here cuz la qualidad esta mi specialidad!?!

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