Sunday, January 11, 2009

Victor's victory (2005)

Early 2005 was a stressful time for me for various reasons, and creatively speaking,
I felt bored by everything that had come before, I kept reusing the same devices, the same characters and to tell the truth, I felt that my stuff just plain sucked...
Maybe it did, but it's always hard to accept something like that.
There was this character in particular, Victor, that pretty much embodies this whole issue, and as blank and uninteresting as he was, I couldn't let go, I tried to kill him off but he kept coming back in some form or another.
This is one of those attempts, but it was probably the most successful one, since I rarely went back to him since then, and as experimental as these few pages were,
they made me realize that it was time to write stories, and that as fun as improvisation may be, the only one who may find that satisfying would be the author himself, and next to one else.

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